Some Requests.

Hi all! I’m looking for models of heels. I didn’t found at all. Can someone do it? I put the photo here. It can look very different than the image. I mean model. If there is a possibility it would be nice if there were a few pairs of heels, in various colors and designs.

“”"“Second request”""": Can anyone make a model of carpet? Those from DODS not work correctly. I would love to have a few rugs in various designs and colors.
“”"“Third request”""": A soap model. Square soap with the word “soap"at the top. It should fit in the hands of characters.
“””“Fourth request”""": Is there a model of Alyx in a bikini? I mean that model: We’ve got the summer :smiley: If not, can someone do it? I’m trying to make a scene on the beach with Alyx.
I appreciate your skills and efforts invested in creating models. I just starting and can not accurately modeling. I watch instructional videos and I hope that soon I’ll be helping people.



Someone please!

Thanks man. What I must to do to have heels on gmod? I must have 3dsmax?