Some Russians about to get ambushed by some Americans

Descriptive title FTW!
Models: Ported by numerous awesome peoples
Editing: That one guy that’s Asian

I can’t see shit with the bad snow. And the American is waving at the Russian.

Those Russians are blind.
The snow lacks depth.

Lol, are they blind? Posing is okay as far as I can see except on that russian in the front, his ass is slightly sticking out and knees are bending too much. The map choice is horrible too or its just the christmas decorations.

He’s telling the two guys on the roof to wait for his signal.

Buts thats ghost and ghost is british :downs:

Randomly place hl2 ammo crate? The real ones don’t have bar codes.

so should I get used to seeing MW2 poses only now?

Not really, but they are slowly supplanting the WW2 generic poses lol

Also the pic looks cluttered by snow, not that much but it is cluttered.

Ghost has an American uniform, though. And I felt the pic was empty for some reason and decided to put a random crate.