Some Rust ideas.

Hello fellow Rust players, I am here to share my thoughts and ideas I hope to see in the game. These are my opinions and I would freely accept other peoples opinions and thoughts to read.
As most of you know patrol helicopters have been finished for Rust.

They seem to be AI only. I hope that these helicopters would randomly land in a zone (e.g Rad towns) and drop of military AI. The AI will then patrol the area and the helicopter will take of and carry on its way.
If you kill the military troops they could have rifles on them and have Military Kevlar on them.
Maybe some military camps around.
I would also like to see the durability system improved and make it a lot longer for things to be destroyed. Weapon cleaning kits should be in the game and you use them to repair a weapon.
Name a weapon that just breaks after a couple of rounds down range.

you have one poll answer for 2 questions, you may want to correct that so people can vote on both of your suggestions and not just one

I think its a cool idea and I have tought about this myself :slight_smile:

Ah forgot to do that.

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