Some Rust Problems!

Hello all FacePunch users,
I’m having a rust problem, So i can get into the game fine. BUT when in in i don’t see any of my inventories, and if i die the screen is just black. So for example the bar on the bottom of the screen isn’t there. And my heath meter just doesn’t show up!

Thanks, any help is appreciated

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So i cant see my HUD, Any idead?

Greetings,Let me try to help you out.
First of all try visiting this Thread
If nothing there Helped you can try the following Steps
Install the Following if you haven’t already:
.NET Framework 3.5 and 4
VCRedist(2010,2011, etc.)
DirectX Update
Reinstall Unity

You can Also Try to delete your Unity cache just following this link it will show your local cache and you can delete it upon starting the game again it will redownload all needed Files

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I am currently away from the computer so I will try that when I get home. I’ll keep u updated