Some screenshots about soldiers

When I’m bored I make screenshots like this

Rate please :3

pretty dynamic posing

those poses are amasing!

It would be more awesome if you gave us the models :smile:
Really need 'em

posing and angle = sex

I can’t help but notice that the M16 in the first picture has no front sight :v:

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

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the handle is hidden by the hand

the front aiming sight, not the foregrip. actually just forget it, it’s just a minor mistake.

Ha ok :slight_smile:

Needs more trigger discipline.

The title made me nervous, but this is a quality post. Great job!

Usually I don’t mind it but here I agree. These guys look tacticool as fuck and trigger discipline would make them even more tacticool.

You have definately improved

Awesome screenshots.

Good, good Gun posing!