Some short wanna be tactical sci-fi spec ops shit.

Trying to make the effects and such look less comical. Also tried some really simple in-game editing.


And there’s a movie reference that you will easily find.

No, nothing Terminator-related this time.

I suck at this ‘tactical talk’ stuff.

As I’ve said before over steam I like it. Just not too keen on the heathalos

You seriously gotta stop making such huge chatbubbles.

Other then that, it was pretty nice.

<-- Did not see the movie reference.

<— Is ashamed with himself.

I liked the editing, save what Hairy said.

That was fucking great. man gmod section has barely any support. Garry needs to get on that.

Hmmmm yeah they are a bit big. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the advice.

That was, like much of your work, pretty awesome.

I like it, a lot. Great job. What’s the movie reference though? I know it, but I can’t remember what movie it was from.

‘Murphy’. Robocop.

That’s some nice editing you got there. +1

I’m having hard times finding these halo-like looking soliders. Do you have a link?
Grateful in advance.

i like the cctv camera effect pretty awesome comic too man

Awesome, keep it up :slight_smile: