Some shtuff I took in Garry's Mod

Let me know what y’all think? Constructive criticism only, please :slight_smile:

This shows a lot of potential… but the posing is rushed and unnatural, the angles are poor, the composition makes no sense, and the map choices are horribly bland.

Thank you for not saying anything remarkably rude :slight_smile:

You’re showing some really good potential here, it’s just that you have some problem with postprocessing.

Firstly, don’t use simple DOF, use super DOF. Turn off multicore rendering so it’ll work, you’ll get much nicer results.

Next, JPEG quality. There’s some pretty blatant JPEG artifacts, so go to the setting section in the spawn menu and adjust jpeg quality to 100, that should work.

Other issues include poor map choices, usage of stock explosions, and base HL2 blood decals - give a search for better blood decals, they help in the long run.

Other than that, you’re doing pretty good!

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Additionally, you appear to be using toytown, I suggest you don’t use that, Super DOF is a better choice in this case too.

you need to put more thought into your posing. if you want to excel at it, watch people. watch their nuanced actions, and try to replicate those nuances. a good pose is all about subtlety, for instance your pose of joshua graham aiming a pistol at his temple. people on the edge of their own lives do so much more than simply aim and pull the trigger, you know? watch for things like that, especially in movies.

Yeah this, body language is just as important as facial expressions.

Camera angles and composition not only relates to practical and believable concerns, but emotional and aesthetic concerns. An example of this would be man standing imposed by a crowd, chest puffed out and hands on his side with an expression of sternness or pride, with a low angle centered on him, people onlooking him, etc. This would give a blatant sense of importance, authority, leadership. The best way to learn about this is not only to read and study it, but to see it in action; Watch movies and shows, see how the director conveys the intended emotions and aesthetic. In addition, don’t just go and execute a scene. Think about how people would act and think in that situation, and what they would be doing at the moment or as a result.

Really, everyone, thank you for leaving helpful ideas on what I could do to improve my pictures. I took some more using advice you’ve given me. Tell me what you think!