Some side things I did and left and forgot about forever

I was browsing through my screenshot folder and found out I had a ton of shit. most of it was wips of things that never got finished, some of it were small screenies I took but never bothered to put into the ‘cant be bothered to make a thread’ thread.

so here’s some stuff. Some of it I think I posted elsewhere but can’t really remember


and heres some shit that was never finished

I’ve got ton of these too. Shame when you start some stuff and never finish cause these are some pretty sweet pictures.

Oh, and I spot some snow Helghast in that on pic. Remember where you got them from?

I was testing them out for a friend, skinned it blue for my own stuff. Not sure when he’ll continue working on em

Bloody fantastic, Grade A all around. Always love to see the stuff you make.


I love the pirate.

Terrific stuff man.

You’ve got pretty fkn cool ideas.

There are pretty cool imo[/T]

And it’s a pity you didn’t finish this.



These all make me so happy because most of them feature stuff I made or contributed to and they’re all awesome.

Fucking awesome, you’ve definitely just inspired me to do some shots.

always a pleasure lookin at yer stuff

Lookin good as always!

I like your mass effect poses even though I find mass effect to be dribble.

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I’m sure some of these have been posted before however like the bunk bed one.

Wow, very amazing work!

Are you me? I was going to point out these exact 4 pics as well.

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Sexcellent pics, Xana.