Some silly screenshots.

Just a few pictures I decided to make in my spare time. Nothing more, nothing less.

XD inflated heads !!!

No, these aren’t silly, they’re terrible and belong in the troll poses thread

Here’s the link to that thread

lol, kay. [neutral response]

are you 12 or what [paedophilic response]

He’s 15 according to his profile
doesn’t seem like it though

You’re just jealous, bro. [superiority complex]

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yeah, that’s exactly what it is [sarcastic response]

ahahah get out

[insert generic troll comment here], bro. I totally forgot that Facepunch was full of arrogance. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but, just saiyan’.

You can’t expect people to be nice if you start acting dumb

I’m rating you Winner, simply because I find your comments to be full of win. You sir have won, +1 swag. Oh, and by the way, I will be making serious screenshots eventually, when I get way better at posing.

God go fucking figure.
Someone joins, poses some random stupid shit and gets the typical reaction to random stupid shit and attempts to conclude with “I FORGOT EVERYONE HERE IS AN ELITIST IT’S TOTALLY NOT ME THOUGH IT’S ALL OF YOU”. just leave.

To be fair these are about as good, if not better, than the shots being posted in the perskin circle jerk thread.

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haha luv the posez bro made me lol mi pantz of keep up da good wurk :))

Wow. Only ten posts and this asshat’s already banned. Nice work, Orkel.

I stand corrected.