Some simple flywheel models please?

Well, it took me around 3 hours to realize that I suck at modeling.

I’m a major antique engine enthusiast, and I let that show frequently in Garrysmod. I’ve been trying to create some flywheel models for some time now, but I’ve had no luck with some of the spoke geometry. I’m coming to the forums out of pure necessity, as I’m sure there are many talented modelers out there who are willing to lend me a hand.
The wheels that are shipped with PHX3 are fine, but I wanted a tad more… pizazz. I’ve been trying to make a wheel with curved spokes similar to this: . I know the geometry is a tad complex, so I’m not expecting a perfect replica. If anyone is willing to conjure up a model, I would be most appreciative. The sizes I am looking for are pretty much the same size as both the size 2 smooth wheel and the size 72 smooth wheel from the PHX3 pack of transportation props. If any more information is needed, please let me know.

I hate to bump threads, but why is nobody interested in this? I’d hate to see this die, but if nobody’s interested in the idea, oh well.
Can you at least give me a bit of feedback?