Some skybox textures are loading blurry and lowres

I have this skybox that I’m using in my map. On my computer, I always see two panels of the skybox in very low quality, but the other panels are fine. I have my texture resolution on Very high, and I have tried changing it to high. I’ve messed around with anistropic as well, not sure what the problem is.

Here is a picture I took:
A picture that my friend took:

Anyone have any suggestions?

Which map is this on, and did you download the skybox separate form the map?
At this point, the only thing I can tell is that it’s probably the skybox, and not your resolution.
If you get an errors in your console while looking at the low-res part, that would also be helpful.

The map is a map I made myself that has nothing except a skybox. The skybox’s texture is low resolution on my screen. There are no errors when I look at the low res part.

Because other people see it fine, it is unlikely to be an issue with the map or the skybox, rather an issue with my settings.

post your settings might be running Texture at low.

Interestingly when my texture settings are at low, the stars still remain about the same quality, but the panel with the planet remains similarly lowres. So the texture quality doesn’t seem to have an effect on the quality of the skybox. It does still change the texture quality on my gun and stuff.

Here’s the skybox textures, for someone who actually knows what they’re talking about:

EDIT: Emphasis on the fact that other people see the skybox fine, I’m the only one with the issue.

No one else has ever had such an issue?

Mind if I see the map real quick? Small map errors can do some crazy ass things. By placing an overlay in my map, the game would only render the current visleaf I was in while everything else was void.

I manually changed the textures and checked no mipmap. Fixed the issue now.

Just a heads up, that was probably your graphics driver set on “Performance” or something similar that was causing the issue (it happened on my laptop with an ATI chip)