Some small doubts

I’m going to play ghosthunt2 with a friend, but I never played Gmod out hosting a match, so I don’t know how to do that.

I have 3 questions:
1.¿How do I host the match?
2.¿How do I restrict most of the weapons(except physcanon and gravity gun)
23.¿How do I disable noclip?

Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad English.

  1. Hosting a match will require your ports to be forwarded if your friend cannot join. To host the actual game, click the wrench, change all server settings to your liking, and then click the chart again. Select gm_ghosthunt and press Start Multiplayer. Your friend should be able to join. If not,
    >>1a. Go to for more information on how to forward your ports.
    >>>1b. Download Unmanaged Hamachi. When the program is launched, make a network of your choice. Have the password to be anything. I usually put the pass as “123” as most people do.
    >>>> 1c. Have your friend join the network. On the top of the program, you should have a unique IP that starts with a 5. (i.e Have him join from the console by that IP.
  2. To disable NoClip, press Q > Utilities > Settings and make sure Noclip is unchecked. You can also do this in the server settings (covered in 1)
  3. To disable weapons, type in sbox_weapons in the console.

Happy hosting!

It worked, thank you very much!