Some SNPC idea.

Basically what I want is an snpc (or sent if need be) that sneaks up on NPCs and Players and kills and leaves blood. To add to the scaryness. Can destroy lights from the light tool. Makes noises every so often to scare you shitless. Any Criticism would be appreciated, Please explain rather than ratings. Unless you have no time XD

I would like to make you one but really to be honest were you want me to find a model like that?

Um, maybe? Maybe the HL2 Charple full body if you can’t find anything,

I think the HL2 Leak stalker model would fit the bill perfectly, its deformed and lethal. As for sounds, the stalker scream scares me more than enough.


And the script for the" HORROR " from dan’s snpc pack could be used as a base. It has some of the listed features.

Like what?

Invisibiliy, the sounds and that’s about it

Well that’s not what I want now is it :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course thats not what you want but if you read the post he said Use the script as a base.'

let me guess, you’re trying to remake slender into gmod

No, Slender does not have any NPCs other then Slenderman.

Beter if you could use his power as “turn off” all lights on map - no destroy :slight_smile: Probably no crashes :slight_smile:

True that would be better.