Some soldier guy... doing... stuff?

Just a nice little scenebuild

Seems very peaceful. I like it.

Looks great, really atmospheric…

Looks like a very nice place to piss in the woods.

This is a very nice picture

Let me get my checklist.

Yup, he is a soldier.
Yup, he is doing stuff.

Alright good work. It’s very nice.

weird composition

Reminds me of World in Conflict :v:

Can I see the scenebuild from another angle to see how you arranged everything? Also what map was this made on?

I love it, but yeah the composition is a bit weird.

HeLLo Im Mr FuCkInG PlAnT, Am I iN yOuR WaY?


Those branches look like shit, otherwise pretty good.

Quite nice. The posing is great as well as the background.

dem trees

pretty as all fuck, nicely done