Some soldier kneeling and looking at the sky while he gets executed


… Sadface.

Oh yeah, sweet. But you were a little exessive with the green/red outline shit.

Lets start a new bandwagon, green and red outline stuff

Changed it when i looked at it in the thread, it’s less exessive now.

there is some small clipping on his right hand…other than that it’s perfect
although i don’t get why there’s only smoke where he get hit and no blood whatsoever


That’s so fucking cool, yet sad.

In many movies or so, it’s mostly smoke you see poofing out of the kevlar. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are they shooting him through the side?

Because he looked at something different than the soldiers that were going to execute him. And then they began to shoot. Or maybe there are more of the soldiers in front of him/ on the right side.

The smoke is the ceramic plate breaking.

I’m loving that tear and blood. Really set’s the picture.

draft smoke
nice pose

I think If that was me I’d try punching one of the guys in the balls before I died.