Some sort of love child between Scar-11 and Lambert's.

I somehow stuffed 71 props into it.
But I think the proportions came out quite nicely.

I used few wiremod models in it, lol.

It would look better with a shorter barrel, but it looks good now too.

71 !?!?? wow

Kinda big :v:

Good Job.

I want to have sex with it.

How would you…ew.

News Flash: Accidental discharge on both sides. Mutual orgasm between gun and owner results in fatality. More at 11.

True dat, just tryied. But for some reason I don’t have any sort of parenting tool on singleplayer. Waiting for Sax’s server.

Hey that looks pretty nice, I wonder if I can use that in the PAC editor.

I always thought of making a gun for PAC, and with the current version it should be much easier, but I’m too lazy to do so.

It’s a child you pedo.