Some Sort of 'Modern' Mosque Thing

Not too long after i released gm_Ausfallen (See releases thread), i started work on this little project.
At first it started out as just a bunch of pillars and arches

Then it kinda moved towards a church-looking thing, now it’s more Mosque looking.



Each ‘windowpane’ breaks out. So you can shoot just one or all (looks cool if a grenade goes off near them)

The doors are physical, the wooden board is holding them up.

I originally intended this to just be a mess-around map, but early on i wanted to design this for Zombie Survival. Hence the doors and windows you can break in the back

I’m not too happy about the windows (stained glass look, i think it’s still more church-y then mosque-y)
Go ahead and post any comments/ideas/criticism you have.

Sweet. Don’t really know if it does look like a mosque or not, but cool nontheless.

most Mosques have more curved architecture.


I see lots of arches.
Whatever, lets not discuss how accurate it is. It could be a big barbershop when im done, who knows

Now you have to make a barber shop version, at least.

I think that would be a good idea.

A shave and haircut while praying sounds like a business concept.

This pretty much says what I think about your map.

Putting my position on mosques aside, this is actually pretty cool.
Now if only you could put a big robot in the middle of it like in Deus Ex: Invis. War.

Maybe i should turn it back into a very curvy church.

It used to have a bell tower but i removed it

i loled :buddy:

I would call it better church :smiley: NOt modern


Added shed/path/fence/decorative gate

Nice, but why is everything white?

Whoa the gate and the fence look really fancy.

dev. texture.

If i’m not mistaken, you’ve got your gate clipping into the stands in those last three pictures.