Some sort of steampunk vehicle

First try in making steampunk shit.

Was intended to be a tank, but i couldn’t find a good place for a cannon.

lol nice

train great job

I like it, how well does it move? It’s fixed axle I take it?

wow i love it

looks cool

Reminds me of that will smith film… Wild wild west.

which will smith film

The one called Wild Wild West you fucking idiot.

pretty cool even though i have no idea what it is

Looks pretty cool… I wish I could see it on Sax’s private but my power supply died while playing crysis.

I spy my shitty non-working yellow mech in the background

Im gonna rage quit and switch servers

also my power level is over 9000 unlike your -3

Drives like a train :V

It’s classy though, You should have given it some smoke, when I saw it going around it didn’t give off much steam from the looks of it.

Frueacking sweet. I’d tap dat. When I get back. I’ll build more steampunk, it’s underrated.

Looks sweet bro.

Wow, I didn’t know there were people THIS retarded in the world.

You obviously haven’t been around the contraptions section much.

This dude has been around for ages. It’s like a bad case of herpes, you just can’t ever seem to get rid of it.

Wiki wiki while wiki wiki wild west!

Nice, it looks very authentic.