Some special forces guy switching to his sidearm

I was pretty much just testing a hack:

Also, does anyone know any maps that would contain a shantytown/a favela? Something like this?

Nice blur.

Very nice.

The motion blur looks nice, and I really like the head-hack.

It’s more than just a headhack.

Awesome blur.

Looks good.

Somebody’s excited for MW2…

Well, this model was made to kinda look like those Task Force 141 guys and it seemed that most action took place in those kind of areas in the part where they were dressed like this.

I know, they look good so far.

So, does anyone know any maps like it?

No, and I don’t believe any exist. It seems you’re always just testing a headhack. But never releasing makes me sad. Nice, though.

Nice posing, but normally the weapon would be on a strap around his body so that he doesn’t lose it like that.

Also, he looks like FBI or something

Cool model.

He looks like a turist that got caught up in some kind of conspiracy and needs to get to the action for some sort of reason

I was thinking more like a PMC.

Kind of…

Now where’s my image of a cookie…

Turtle Neck T-Shirt?

Posing is pretty cool, were do I get this model?

Somebody’s weapon is gonna get kookoo :smiley: