Some Spetsnaz Operators Encounter a Genetically modified monster

Obviously inspired by Paranoia.
Song for the pic
Alternate song yo
Basic description yo:
Two spetsnaz operatives encountering one of the borked genetic experiments of the soviet times.

If the pic doesn’t show up to you then follow this link,

Relevant bonus :v:

Some bonuses, some I’ve posted in the don’t want to thread, some are perskin poses, and some I haven’t posted at all. dramatically yo.jpg[/t]
[t] nam.jpg[/t]
[t] THE F.jpg[/t]
[t] editing.jpg[/t]
[t] gibson being a cool dude.jpg[/t]

If you could give me all that constructive criticism I’d love y’all.
Cheers guys :v:

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Some more stuff.

The monster just wants a huge, just look at those eyes! :3

  • Hey Wesley, do you know the guy named Michael J. Fox? Cause I think he might be your brother…*

Kidding aside, sweet work on most of them

Thanks :slight_smile:

Fun fact: Nub sent me here in a steam chat.

Anyways, nice effects.

Very nice, there is a good feel of balance in a lot of the screens, and I really like alot of the colour contrasts in the images, keep it up!

A flying knee to the face will put it down no problem.

I love the one with David Leatherhoff.

great, now I cant unsee the two white dots as its eyes

He looks like he is wearing a very large baseball cap.

Nice, I like it. Really creepy.

A lot of atmospheric and well-done pics you have here. Very sweet gallery dude!

Thanks you guys c:

This is awesome and so are you.


I love them. Great job.