Some Spetznas Hazmat Soldiers are walking around


The lighting looks like their suits were dipped in a thin silver coating.

If the light was turned down a little, and was a bit smoother, then it would be perfect.

I like it, But I’d like to see zombies, or something

Are you going to release these models?
Or have I missed something…

Really diggin the lighting here.

also I’m hoping these will be in the spetznas pack


why are their eyes so evil?

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oh yeh cos they’re russian

communists, they’re evil

aren’t a lot of gasmasks made with intimidation in mind? i mean have you seen those things they all look like angry demon faces
the second picture is my favorite

Kinda makes me think of some sort of Cheap Russian Version of Power Armor, looks really cool though.

Those gasmasks don’t look very Soviet, more like Swiss made.

Exorade, you actually expected Activision to get something historically ACCURATE and CORRECT in a CoD game that wasn’t a president?

this one looks pretty similar

The filters on them are too small.

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If anything it looks more like this:

Which is funny because this one is USA made.

But who the fuck cares? It’s Activision, they always get things wrong up to the point where it’s unfunny.