Some Steampunk Vehicles

A boat like that, with Machinegun for combat.


A car something like this.


This airship would be nice for BIG maps.

Got any models?

you know, you could make these yourself as contraptions…

Ill make a request instantly! Unless you or anyone else knows how to make models. I dint know shit about coding/scripting.


It would take too much time. Besides it would most likely end up looking like crap.

In the time it would take for people to model and code these, you could have them built about four times over.

Well Sakairis Scripted a fucking helicopter. With turrents, and rockets! The first properly working flying vehicle! So why not?

He did. However, he had the models and I suspect it took him quite a long time.

there’s no N in turret.

seriously, where did that start. so many people do that…

I never heard of Steampunk. Seems like something I could get into if I had something to work with.


Since when does a question end with a period?

In other words, don’t post to criticize someone’s grammar without posting anything contributing to the topic.


Dont mind the flashy intro.