Some strange transparency issue I'm having.

I’m trying to get this girl’s hair to be completely red, but this is what I am getting when I go into the sdk and gmod.

I’ve narrowed down that this is the only texture that goes over that part of the head.

So anyone want to help me figure out how to fix her hair?

Nevermind, fixed now.

Does she have a facemap? If so, show me what it looks like as of now, you probably missed a spot when you colored it.

The facemap has nothing to do with the part I’m having trouble with, due to the fact that the model has 20 different textures for little parts of her suit… I even put each texture in one by one to figure out just exactly which texture was having the problem.

The facemap sometimes have hair textured onto them for the base of the hair.

The facemap has the base of the hair, it’s the top of the head I’m trying to fix.