Some Stuff for Propper

I made some things to compile with Propper, which is being difficult at the moment, so nothing is compiled. Either way though, tell me what you guys think.

Uh, it's a bitmap and it's kinda big so let it load from the bottom like it does (silly bitmaps)

I’m also open to making other simple-ish things, so don’t be afraid to ask me to make something either.

Why not load it into a real modeling program and fix it up manually?

I haven’t the slightest fraction of a clue of anything to do with modeling.

And besides, I like mapping. Modeling seems very meticulous & time consuming.

So is mapping, but I guess it’s all just a matter of preference.

I’m sure it is, considering I enjoy mapping a lot.

But really, what do you guys think? I’d like some opinions.

Or critiques, even. That’s also nice.

Same here. For some reason I’ve found every single modelling program unintuitive and immensely frustrating to use, even the ‘easy’ ones. Obviously a lot of people have no problem with them but I just can’t get my head around modelling at all (and I’m pretty good at making sculptures out of clay!).

Also ,when I finally got to make a basic model I was happy with, the process of getting the thing to compile and show in-game was so irritating for me that I nearly put my fist through a window. I think I’ll stick with propper for my own sanity.

Mapping and Modelling go hand-in-hand.

Once you learn to model and texture, you lose your creative restrictions. You’re no longer forced to using default or other peoples assets and can instead build whatever you fancy.

I wish I had the will to learn, but then I can’t find any good texturing tutorials. But to make textures, it helps to bake an AO map from a model, but to do that you need to model. Ah, the circle of game development.

They’re essentially the same practise, just with different goals.

Propper’s cool and all, but it limits you to the hammer 1-unit grid. With exceptions. You can’t make smooth surfaces, or small details, as well as non-euclidean geometry-- which modelers like 3D Studio excel at.

I would have gotten into propper, but I’d recognized these weaknesses before I started. Instead I started doing things in XSI, which was balls. I can’t believe Valve made all of HL2 on XSI.

After trying both XSI and 3DS, I have to say that 3DS Max is pretty great. If I were developing a big 3D title, I would definitely license as many copies of it as I needed.

You very well can.

Yeah I found 3dsmax much easier than XSI.

I’ve used a few programs in my life and I can safely say that Max is my favourite. I’ve never tried Blender because my Graphics teacher reckoned it was a bit difficult to use, but then again… He uses a thing called Rhino…

Blender is a bit unintuitive.