Some stuff from the editing thread (4 pics)

I can’t remember who posed most of these so apologies if you don’t get a mention.

Posed by Mosquito

Posed by Fire Kracker - I tried to create some sharp shadows on here but kinda fucked it up. Oh well.

Posed by Pyren(?) - this one wasn’t actually in the thread. I edited it from someone else’s thread a long while ago but I’m not sure I ever posted it.

Well there you go. Quick edits all round - not sure I spent more than an hour on any of them.

C&C if you can be bothered.

What is happening in the first?
Beside that everything looks awesome.

I guess the witch is humping him to death or something.


Thanks for the comment, btw.

Not as good as the rest of your shit, but still way better than most people’s shit :).

I think you pulled the shadows off, because I didn’t even notice that shadows had been added.

Oh and I’m liking the reflections in the 2nd one, on the water. Those are edited, right?

Thanks, Sorter!

Naw those are just in-game reflections. They look really good as they are, but I did add an overlay to the water to make it look more wavy.

Ah, well either way, still looks good :).

Looking forward to more!

The first one has somewhat weird lighting and motion blur.
The rest is great, apart from low-res torso in the 2nd picture.

1st one: Cool lighting, I like the colors you created. Posing’s pretty weird but that’s not your fault.

2nd one: Real good overall. Can’t think of anything that looks particularly wrong.

3rd one: Nice job with the atmosphere, and I love what you did to the water. Though the shadow from his head looks excellent, the shadows from his shoulderpiece and shield are too sharp and too uniformly dark. Otherwise, really nice job.

4th one: Shading could have been a lot better, and you could have done more with the atmosphere of the pic.

no that’s actually posed by me lol


looks good to me though

cept for the shoulder

but it looks nice

cool edits, i really like the shading on the knight one

Didn’t like nr. 2 for some reason. The rest is really nice work.
First picture looks interesting.

Cheers for the comments, guys.

Thanks, Vman. The 4th one isn’t very atmospheric as I made it about 2 months ago I think before I started getting a tiny bit more daring with the contrast/levels/gradients etc.

Sorry about that, mate. I think I got you two mixed up because you both have a really distinctive and yet similar use of SDoF.

Yeah no problem lol