Some Suggestions for Rust

I’ve been playing Rust for a week now and have a couple ideas of some things that can really improve the game.

  1. A Specialist System- This would allow for the player to choose an area of expertise. This can allow for more groups or clans to play together since you would want to team with someone who is an expert in something you need. Some Categories could be: Blacksmith (Can craft items like swords or other melee if implemented) , Weapons Smith (Able to craft M4’s or harder weapons) , Explosives Expert, … etc. This helps add more realism to the game since the “Average” person cant just pick up a blue-print and craft away.

  2. A tier system for Armour- This would create different levels of Armour. For example: You can do 3 tiers of Kevlar: Tier I- Low grade kevlar(Maybe more immune to melee attacks) Only takes metal to craft, Tier II- Mid grade kevlar(More immune to small caliber weapons) Takes metal and cloth to craft, Tier III- High Grade Military Kevlar(More immune to High caliber weapons)Takes Metal, Cloth, and Leather to craft.

  3. A Key System- This would allow you to share keys with your friends/ clan members. You should be able to give your key to someone and take it away from them if necessary. This would allow there to be a shit ton of less doors on peoples houses.

Just wanted to share some ideas. Interested in some feedback.

  1. no
  2. kevlar is op enough already
  3. this will happen soon
  1. This hurts people who play alone. It is already hard enough being alone, this would just hurt them even more. Its not always easy to make friends on the game.
  2. Kevlar is strong enough (As stated above).
  3. In progress.

I know Kevlar is already OP, thats why the tier system will make it harder to craft and cost more material, The tier III kevlar would be equivalent to or weaker than the current kevlar.

That logic doesn’t make sense. Most clans who have full kevlar, wouldn’t be that much affected by a tier system. They would get the T3 Kevlar (As you described) with not much more trouble than before. But the people who would have trouble would be the same people who are having trouble now getting kevlar. Adding another hoop to jump through imo would just help the big clans.

Adding a map system would be great. From the point you craft it and were you walk its will map out the areas you’ve been. But to keep it in a more survival sense make the maps low detail no color. So to use it you have to use something like ink (if it was in the game). This would make it a whole lot better to know you way around, find other factions bases and even your own. And since it would be low detail and no color its not overpowered in a way so that you know the ENTIRE map just the areas around you. Hope this is a good suggestion i think it is.

  1. Yes, because it would add some more depth to the crafting system.
  2. Yes, if the top tier armor won’t be (much) stronger than current armor.
  3. YES.

I understand concerns that a specialist system would only hurt individual players or small groups, but that can be fixed with some sort of faction, team, party, or alliance system.

Adding depth and longer-term enjoyment is more important than making the game easier for individuals vs groups. Groups will always have a de facto advantage in any MMO, you can’t take that away. What you can do is encourage individuals to group up and fight on even grounds.

It’s EXTREMELY EASY to make friends on this game. All you need to do is actually use your mic and talk to people and not be shy. My friends and I go up to people all the time and talk to them when we aren’t raiding their bases; hell we’ve made friends while raiding people’s bases (One time we help them fight off a group of No Clippers and let them be instead of continue raiding them and Another time, a group wanted to join up with us after we raided them and took over their base).

On topic, I would love to see some sort of class mechanic added into the game. I’m someone who likes to go out and gather, craft, build, and supply for myself and my friends. I have people that cover me and make sure the fields I’m farming stay clear and other people don’t mess with me while I’m doing it.

I have another buddy who likes to play Recon and runs ahead of us and scouts everything out before we raid them. Other buddies who just like to go shoot things up. So classes could be very beneficial.

Too complicated

You provided an example, now let me. Right before the server went off (MCM 1) I found a newby and gave him full gear and weapons. He seemed extremely grateful, I asked him if he wanted to team…Not 5 secs later he shoots me in the back and takes my gear and says “Sorry bro its Rust”. In not all cases will you be able to find trustworthy people. So I standby my statement.

We play on MCM 1. Just sounds like you have had bad luck.

A map just doesn’t feel right to me, the idea is you should learn the island layout on your own. A compass, however, would be much more practical, in my opinion.

It could be like a standard map and not a “minimap”; it doesn’t tell you where you are and you’d have to discern your own location based on landmarks and the like. You could then manually mark points on the map for personal use.

I suppose that seems a bit more reasonable, yes. Still though, I think rust should do without a map, personally. I wouldn’t be upset if they did add one in, but I really like the challenge of learning the island based on landmarks and playing it long enough.

Yes, but what happens when you need to quickly relay position information to someone else not as savvy as you? How do you point a new player or friend to a specific location? The play area is fairly large and can be quite confusing to most people.