Some Suggestions for users of Darkrp.

As many of you know, Darkrp is one of the most used gamemodes, right up there with Sandbox. No matter how much you want to whine about it, it is there, and most likely will stay there till a better gamemode is released for free, and features the same amount of ease of setup, and modification. Till then, I think we need to improve the quality of our darkrp servers, rather than just bash them. So, I have come up with a list of things that might make your server abit more controlled.

A. Do not add extra jobs, the base ones are fine.
A.1 Better yet, remove all jobs except maybe Cop, Mayor, and Citizen. As this will allow for the user to be able to express him/herself to the fullest exstent.

B. Organize your administration.
B.1 A effective, and well-managed Admin team can make a huge difference in a server.
B.2 Consider adding the Moderator rank, so you may give people who you think might be able to handle power, a small taste, in order to see if they can handle full adminship. This would almost be like an internship.
B.3 Do not pick your friends to be apart of your administration just because they are your friends. Sure, you most likely will have friends who play on your server, but make them prove themselves to you.

C. Try using a map other than Downtown.
C.1 Though Downtown isnt too bad of a map, a good portion of Darkrp servers use this map, so if you want to stick out, use another map.
C.2 I reccomend: Hometown, Ovis, Distant City, or any orginal map.

D. Put time and effort into your ads.
D.1 Regradless of where you post it, though I suspect you will post it here on facepunch, you need to put time and effort into your ad, not just an Ip, and a come join.
D.2 Explain the purpose of your server and community, along with its policies, rules, and any other imporant info.
D.3 Also, post a link to your forums.
D.4 Try to use proper spelling, and grammar. It makes you look somewhat more serious.

E. (Opinon) Do not put Serious or Semi Serious in your server title.
E.1 Many people do not consider Darkrp something to be defined by the two above terms, try to put an orginal title, such as: [INH] Dark Roleplay #1.

F. Consider not placing on/removing Wire.
F.1 Wire is built to be used in a build server, not a RP one. And alot of people know how to make items such as wire turrets, if you leave certain parts of the wire tools unrestricted. You could say, you could just restrict it to admins, but that would defeat the purpose, and make the DL longer for new players.

G. You most likely will need a website, be it free or paid.
G.1 This is very useful for getting info, and news to your users, along with feedback from them.

Notice: These are merely my suggestions, and/or personal observations, I am not saying this is the only way to run a darkrp server/community, nor am I saying it is the right way, I am just offering some suggestions. It is your right to choose wether or not to take them.

Thats like trying to teach a cat to fetch like a dog. If you tried to explain this to one of those “Semi srs” or “serius rp” server owners, they would most likely laugh at you and then ban you for their amusement. If you really want to help people using DarkRP, offer to code for them and even then, they could just boot you out for “killing their fun”.

Hm, well DarkRP can be Serious or Semi-serious… you just need a good staff, no Wire, (PHX is a maybe, since it’s useful in more then one way for anything.) Not selling admin, making sure rules are enforced, etc. It’s just that a horridly high amount of '“seris rp” server owners wouldn’t give a damn, and sell admin, and ban you for fun, even then, most DarkRP server owners would ban you for this tutorial on how to properly setup DarkRP for actually RPing.

Excuse me but… with this advise your basicly saying that every DarkRP should have the same jobs. Custom jobs makes the gamemode more flexible and more “fun” if you could say so. Now I hate DarkRP but really, you should’nt tell people not to use custom jobs or even delete jobs… That makes the gamemode “boring” who wants to play a game where everyone is either a cop, mayor or a citizen? What other possibilities are there to make the gamemode more flexible. Winnmp. Would you play a game, a roleplay gamemode. Where there is only citizens, cops and a mayor? Everyone is the pretty much the same… That is not even close to being “real-life” how many jobs do we have in real life? more than thousands of jobs, 3 jobs will make it boring… However, 30-50 jobs will be overkill for sure, 10-15 jobs would do good. But every job should have a reason for existing… Adding useless jobs such as “Pet” whats the meaning in this? There’s no apparent reason for this to be added. While some other jobs like a Cook would do fine. But it requires that death is not something a player fears… Rather it just spawns you again and you can go back to what u were doing… The problem in DarkRP is the fact there are no consequences for dying, who cares if they die in DarkRP? Heck, they’ll just respawn and do same thing again. Now NLR was created to prevent this… But tell me… Is there anyone playing Roleplay that can actually forget what happend before he died? No one will… If someone raided you, you would gain hatred towards that player no matter what. No one can forget what happend before your died… A thing that would help however is that it disconnects you from the server… But then alot wont be playing anyome… And it would be abused alot… Just like RDM…
Just my 5 cents.

You have obviously never heard of the /job command.

Once again, these are merely my suggestions, I am not claiming these to be the best, or needed course of action for anyone.

Like I’ve said many times before, you are not, and should not be, limited to the jobs available in the menu. The gamemode may classify you as a “citizen”, but your actual job could be anything you feel like roleplaying as.

But… My orange cat does know how to fetch…