some suggestions i havnt read yet

hi there,

i have some suggestions that could make the game even better:

  • add some easy to gather food, like mushrooms, berries, beehive, roots …, this should have low calories, but should make a good start for a nude caveman

  • in cause of this easy food, make hunting more difficult, it’s too easy to slay a pig or to hunt a deer, its even more easier then slay a chicken,
    so let the animals hear and see u from much more far away and dont let them be so stationary

  • give predators like wolfes and bears paths on which they will travel through there territory

  • pls add some birds, 1-2 small ones and 1 eagle, which can be hunted too, make them do birdsounds, especially give the eagle a typical scream
    this would be great for a outdoorfeeling

  • add a window that can be closed

  • add a scope for weapons, 2x max. 4x magnification

  • pls remove the most stone nodes from the open fields an move them to the rockfields and mountains

  • pls add some animals that live in the mountains too, like a goat and a marmot

thats all for the moment, ill get back to my coffee and hope that everything is in his place when i log in this evening :smiley:

The only thing I don’t agree with is the making hunting even harder part. Hunting a deer with a close combat weapon is already extremely Benny Hill Theme.
And to get a bow you need to have killed animals already in the first place.

Alright, maybe the deers could get even more timid, but the pigs are fine right now.

Maybe add a slingshot or throwable spears, so that you can have a ranged weapon without needing dead animals to build them.

ok, i didn’t thought this through
building a bow is essential,
but then u’ll need some difference between the loot form a pig and a deer
maybe the horn could do something spezial

I actually like all these ideas, i tip my hat to you, it is more original than most posts like this

thank u,

my opinion is, that hunting should be a big factor in a survival game
getting low calorine food should be easy, but hunting a deer or especially a wolf or a beer should be difficult
u have to watch ur prey and sneek to it, to get a safe shoot, that will kill it or give u a chance to get a 2nd shoot,
or place a snare trap on an animals path that u have discovered before

at this time, its just running into the deer, shooting it with a bow and shooting it twice when its staying still again
total boring