some suggestions i was thinking about

So i was reading the forums and watching Etalyx’s latest video on rust explaining the last update and it got me thinking about some cool features that could be added to rust. Things such as,

muskets- to be one of the earlier weapons to craft with a higher blueprint loot ratio. this doesn’t have to be big but to fire it you could you would need gunpowder or a gun powder charge and a metal ball or something to be fired out of it. you could even use stones as the weaker ammo and the metal balls as the better ammo. this wouldn’t be accurate but would have a high damage and have a long reload time. this could made at a fair expense on people that are just setting up but, once you have a base and blueprints for better weapons, would be made less important because of it poor accuracy and horrible reload time. reload time would only have to take say 10-15 seconds but if you wanted you could set it up for a good 30+ seconds like it is IRL.

refinery- to refine metal fragments and fuel into a better more pure substance. This could be used for high quality metal (similar to low quality metal in legacy) and say petrol or diesel fuel for cars and generators. The metals would be high quality metal would be used for weapons such as the AK, bolt action, semi auto pistol, pump action and rocket launcher. The water pipe, revolver and the new melee weapons could still use metal frags.

attachments- i know this has been asked for a lot on the forums but i too would like to see this for i don’t really like the iron sights of the bolt action and the flashlight would be handy during the night considering it does get quite dark.

trap door floor- i like building tree houses too but having to build stairs up to it now with the latest patch preventing elevators has made the only way into my base pretty insecure so having these trap door floors would make using ladders more secure. I do see the complications it creates with raiding if u can padlock it though but that is easy enough to overcome by building sealing off the room and putting locked doors on.

supply signal- in legacy they would land around the general location the supply signal is but now it seems to land directly on it. I would like to see say a 20-30 meter radius where the airdrop lands in so that people don’t just build small towers to throw the signal in and are guaranteed it. this would create a bit of competition for the drop.

fishing- we have much better water physic than in legacy so this would be prime for having something so cool in game :smiley:

repairing all blocks in radius from the tool cupboard- this would be limited to say once every hour or so to prevent spam during raids but would make repairing building blocks in very hard to reach places easier. this in turn to deny even more spam could also cost more resources to repair, instead of going up and repairing it manually. so instead of using 40 wood you use 60 wood.

war buildings- things such as bunkers and old gun emplacements on the coast from ww2 and barracks as some of the rad towns. during ww2 a lot of small island had these sort of installations on them so it doesn’t seem very illogical. you could have some that go underground with some loot but these would not be build able on the inside so as to prevent impossible to raid bases. if you would like some good examples of what I’m talking about check out Farcry 3.

sorry for the long post but these are some of the ideas other members on the forum and I have come up with. Leave your feed back on what you think or if you have any other ideas why not add them below.

Muskets sound weird cuz we have the bolt action i dont see a point where this could be the thing you need at a point i mean you would lose againt bows spears even a eoka could out perform you if you miss the first bullet just my thought no one would use it…

Refinery something like that should be in with the next patch

Attachments Mentioned and gonna be in July

Supply im fine as they are better then droping in the water like they did in early experimental

Fishing also mentioned and Confirmed

Personally im against the Auto Repair you should make it manually and the re-repair should be longer

Bunker Rad Towns? Hell yes great Idea

Yes make them shorter :PP

Please check here before suggesting anything. This will save you the “This is already confirmed” comments.

Think there’s a good case for low-tier guns; Heartzz in reddit-land found a sweet breach-loader that might be more suited for Rust than the usual muzzle-loading ye olde musket.

The scrap guns should become more expensive, harder to craft, or based on a higher tier metal. Then the lower tier would have more balanced combat between melee and simple ranged weapons like bows and muskets.