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First of all we shouldnt spawn with pants on. It makes the game so much different from what it was in first place. AND, in my point of view, lowest quality clothes should look more like typical caveman fur or something. That would add a little comparision between peoples power level… (someone with modern clothes = more dangerous) if you know what I mean. There should be few mammuths in the game only defeatable when youre playing in groups, also there should have spears in this game (more damage than a bow but you couldnt throw from too far) … I think these suggestions would not change the gameplay,… this would make the game looks more “natural” and realistic. Thank you Facepunch, I’ve always been a fan of yours.

PS: I’m a french canadian from montreal, sorry if my english isn’t written properly, good night everyone !

Tho I like the idea of a group-play animal (sounds quite fun to be honest), the game is set in post-apocalyptic times, *mammoths *died out :expressionless:

You’re right, I agree… maybe another large animal that would give more food for people playing in groups. Also, allowing to craft traps for smaller animals too. Is there someone who feel like completing the idea for something more persistant? I’m just trying to get a solid suggestion to improve the gameplay without ruining it,… Id like to see more opinions,… thank you !

Could always be an elephant or some sort of abomination caused by the out-break (bigger stronger slower zombie-ish thing).

there’s a code for removing the pants…“censor.nudity false”
I had forgotten what it was, then just googled rust alpha pants censorship and found it. try googling stuff before posting it please.

Maybe wolves hunt in packs? AI for animals would be great, instead of just wandering around waiting for us to kill them. We’d have to hide in caves or something, maybe bears could live in caves? ooh, caves with exploring them, torches, ropes, ladders, pits, treasure, mining for better ore, bats…

These ideas sounds good to me ! AI for animal should be a nice add cuz theyre as dumb as minecrafts animals are hehe(and I dont mind about this issue in minecraft). I know we can turn off censorship but it seems people cant recognise I’m stronger than them when I got pants… it makes a considarable difference when starting imo. Thanks for sharing !

Rust is not a pre-historic caveman game.

It’s just not.

Mammoths are extinct.

I think they should add poisons for arrows, i.e. some that slow, drain health, blurred vision great for PVE & PVP

@Tinkotin @Daniel Munoz
I already stated that towards the top, please read through before posting.

Bows already do 50-60 damage a hit, I don’t know if bonuses to it are a good idea. Except maybe the blurred vision? But that should come with all lose of health (aka dizziness).

Understanding its not the appropriate animal in this game, I’d still like to hear more about what simple add people would like to see in Rust. ? I really think this game could get us on a way higher level when it will comes out as a beta. Please share ideas, I like reading.

Lol for some reason, fursuits comes to mind here. This, please :v:

I agree that pants should be removed :slight_smile:

To hell with the French! Even if you are ‘Canadian’ French, You and your kind are all the same!

Don’t be an asshole.

combination locks on shared doors

Already confirmed to be coming.

You literally JUST posted this on another thread and then two people replied with the same thing.
It. Is. Already. Planned.
Check the Rust Trello page:

Yes, fursuits cuz it’s hand made and makes it more realistic since you don’t have the “Ressources/technologie” to craft the best when starting… imo, lets just share points of view, no debating are needed except if its really not suiting the game.

Lol I can pretend to be one of the wolves :v: and make it my mate. (I think you misunderstood me, go google “fursuit,” lol.)