Some Suggestions

Hello, I have some suggestions towards later updates for the game.

-More Weapons (Baseball Bat for Melee, Maybe more pistols like a Revolver that does around 45 damage, some sort of bolt action rifle,… Etc, including new ammo types to craft and more materials needed to craft higher end weapons and ammo)

-Some sort of seeing device / navigating system (Binoculars, Range Finder, GPS, Map… ETC)

-More Building Materials for houses (Brick Walls, Cement,…etc with including more resources to be gathered like new ores to be able to gather to craft the newer building structures)

-More weapons Mods (There are 5 slots on a weapon but only 4 weapon mods in the game, try adding a Scope, Acog,
Muzzle Breaker,… Etc)

-More Armor types (Add more armor than kevlar or at least make the resources harder for it because it seems everyone gets end game gear within the first 2 hours)

-More types of gathering food (Fishing, More Animals for hunting, Farming)

-Maybe even eventually add on to the map or even create a new map


The game has so much potential and its only in early access, and I think the game is so much fun, I would love to see a lot more stuff added with out course the bug fixes in the future but you can’t expect a game to run perfectly smooth in early access we are basically your beta testers and helpers to report what we can to make the game in good state. Personally I try to play as much as I can when im bored but my game has a issue connecting to the Community Servers they never load properly, But these are some suggestions that i had that i think should be added into the game to further expand the game and make it more end game material because just like minecraft mining the same thing over and over gets boring, Im not trying to dis the game but more added would be appreciated by me and dare I say by most of the players.