some suggestions

hi guys ive been playing rust for some time now here are some suggestions,
idk maybe some of these suggestions may already been proposed but here i go:

  1. running on roads goes faster + additional transportation methods
  2. crafting something at a craftingtable that doesnt require craftingtable goes twice as fast
  3. add signs in game (recipe : wood and charcoal) to make custom messages
  4. add achievements (without encouraging grieving too much)
  5. killed players can be “harvested” for chickenmeat, leather, blood, ect.
  6. hunting animals is too easy atm in my opinion
  7. add breath noice for players
  8. better playermodels
  9. larger map, other “biomes”

ofc im also hoping for more build options, better decay-system, more weapons and armor…
feel free to leave some constructive comments :smiley:

I couple of your ideas are already confirmed. Also, go here to post suggestions and see what others are suggesting:

The map Is already huge its just they haven’t done much with all the extra space yet.

Player models are a must now ive been killed by guys who had pickaxes when I thought it was only a hatchet which btw That’s a real game changer