Some SWeps

This is a Thread where I post pictures of the Interesting sweps I make, I may also upload my sweps to this thread so check regurlarly!!!
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Can’t see the pics try uploading them to an image sharing site is pretty good, plus a more expansive OP would be nice

Im revamping my base,
give me some idead to add to it.
ill take some picture of what ive got so far.

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A pic of the muzzle smoke:

uh bro, don’t make a thread until you’ve got content


I can’t see shit because it’s so dark, unless that’s you’re muzzle smoke.

Also nobody rates threads. It’s a useless feature.

I didn’t even know about it!

rate and subscribe?

this isn’t fucking youtube bro.

trotsky shut the fuck up

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Megafan))

Where the fuck did that come from

no idea

also, while that VGUI looks nice, it’s not very functional.