Some system for losing blueprints?

Maybe if you craft the item 3 times you need the blueprint or if you die 3 times ect.

No please don’t do that.

That would be to annoying no.

Worst idea ever. Just no.

xD What would be the point… Than it would be impossible to enter a rad zone, there would be 43583475 people stocking up in blueprints.

This would be so stupid, oh my god. I am so glad you aren’t a game dev. You would create the worst games of all time.

Unfortunately, I have to agree, this is just a bad idea. While I can see logic in losing it on death, it would just get infuriating having to search all over for new ones, which can mean life and death in a survival game.

Should be one use, you consume the blueprint to craft the item.

No logical reason why you would forget a recipe if you’ve been crafting it a bunch of times. I think recipes should “degrade” with death. Each time you make the item, you add more “life” to it but if you die it takes that knowledge slowly away.

Much like the degrading of buildings. The more you use them, no degradation. When it’s ignored, it falls apart.

Wow. Garry please hire this man he is very clever.

There should be a % chance to lose a learned blueprint after a death. . .this not only would curtail the naked suicide assault, but provide much more forethought to careful game-play.

Please no.


In a survival death should be absolutely terrifying, i agree with this.