Some Templar's weaponry failing.

And two TF2 pictures for shits and giggles.

I doubt 9mm bullets will do much damage to those beasts. :v: He gon get raped.

Nice Loin clothes, werewolves.

Oh wai-

Very Nice posing, may need some silver bullets up in here


I like it, though I do not think lack of ammo constitutes failure.

Dragon Age models. Whoa so cool

I like those TF2 pics better. Especially the one with the sleeveless Spy and the Pyro.

that’s a templar? looks like a steel hunk of shit. lol, j/k. nice shots.

but seriously. templars:

Dragon Age: Origins

The werewolf is going to need a can opener.

Ah, this is actually very good.

The blood on the soldier is so awful. However, that’s not the main purpose of this thread so nevermind.

I am very much pleased with the lack of boring generic standing.

Is that a Were-Porcupine?

Modern Templar still use Glock!?

Not all Glocks are 9mm.