Some Terran forces in a spiff of trouble

Feels like forever since my last picture, so have this :slight_smile:

Wow now that I look at it again I’m really not happy with it :v:

I really like the angle.

Could of picked a better angle, but from what I can see it looks decent.

The angle is not very good, to pull of such an angle I’d suggest tons of zerglings rushing towards those guys, getting shot back with lots of dust and blood. Make it extremely hectic in other words.

Apart from that there’s not too much else to comment on, posing looks fine tho.

it’s an interesting angle but the composition is pretty poor. the left is pretty devoid of anything interesting but the right contains all the action. i’m not sure what the focus of the image is. all seems a bit arbitrary

Back to the drawing board :v: Cheers for the feedback