Some test driving of the car.

Got pat to spawn me in one of these on the U.S Server. Took a few test drives. Had better videos that got interrupted by family members. Hope you guys can enjoy!

I’m too busy to try out the cars yet.

If you had to explain how the driving physics is with a racing game/driving simulator, which game comes the closest to it? Games that include cars count too.

Honestly I have not played many car games. I do like how the driving though is a lot more reckless style feel to it. You seem to drift whenever you turn at any speed. Also there is a few bugs, One is you cannot hit players or animals, another you can be hit and killed fairly easy by anybody who gets on top of the car. Nothing major though.

I find it to feel like driving an air boat in gmod. Just realized they both sorta swerve similar.

Looks pretty cool, yeah it for sure looks like it has the same physics as the gmod air boat.

Yah. We must all migrate to gmod to become professional drivers now :smiley: