Some test pose with Samus I couldn't find a name for

First time posing with a custom model for me. :fuckyou:
As usual, it’s on gm_construct, not edited, and it doesn’t use boring custom models with no facial expression.

I haven’t been posing for a really long while, so some constructive criticism would be welcome. :v:

I would have expected some replies, especially with 70 views. Why do my threads always die as soon as I talk about constructive criticism? :argh:
I’d like to improve my shit posing, that’s all.

Uhh. The model is… uhh. Weird. Mmmkay?

Weird? Why?

To be honest I was expecting a sexy pose, but this is awesome, too. A nice change of pace from the usual pictures with Samus in them.

A little dark and creepy and nice.

I expected her in her suit. This is nice too.

i good title would be “samus sexualy creepy”

nice work i guess.

Thanks, you got exactly the reason why I made it. I haven’t seen many good poses with that awesome model, other than sexposes of course. :saddowns:

it’s nice break from all the military poses. but that’s all I can do on my craptastic graphics card