some texture problem

this is Wot’s M48a1 patton model
as you see, my tank’s main gun model’s texture is really strange
when i use lamp tool, main gun’s texture turn into weird black color.
help me with this problem. and sorry for my bad english

Would you mind posting the material?

It might be the bump map. I get this error a lot when either

  1. They’re the wrong size
  2. They’re the wrong color (yellow, purple, etc)

so this is my vmt file

and these are my textures
the main gun and body uses same texture

Make sure, all elements of that low-poly tank have the same normals (especially barrel tank part)

try commenting the phong and normal to see if it still does it. if not - the issue is with the normal.If it does, it’s an issue with the model normal or illumposition.

If the issue is with the model’s normals, resetting the xform should fix it as well (in 3ds max). This is what fixed miku’s inverted lighting on her hair for me.

You’re using phong parameter without $phongwarptexture. I don’t say it’s wrong, but you can set warp texture and see what happens.

And how exactly would that assist with their issue of inverted normals?

Thanks for the guys who helped me but that problem fixed with modelling change
Anyway thanks for help guys!