Some TF2 characters posing to a photo

Just a very simple picture I made for practice. This was actually a screenshot I made as a tribute to my steam friends, I being the spy. There are two easter eggs in the SS, though the challenge is minimum.

Why not a TF2 map?
edit: I spy a gnome in the sink
and a CT in the doorway

Sniper’s legs look a bit odd.

It’s odd, there’s something in Its model that makes the leg kinda hard to pose.


It’s not a TF2 map because I don’t know.

EDIT: Heh you smartass, you found the stupid easter eggs. hehe. You know, I’ll make some pictures just to challenge you niggas.
this makes them extremely more flexible and therefore easier to pose
it also fixes the medic’s stiffness,unposable forearm and the sniper’s broken leg

I love you. Thank you very much.