Some tf2 pictures I made

Out on a rainy day.

The wild sniper.

and a bonus

C&C :smiley:

What’s with the sniper and that soldier?
also your rain looks too flat, try making it more transparent towards the smaller ones.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind, and also what do you mean “whats with them” ?

They’re all nice.

Well, as far as I remember the soldier doesn’t have medals.
The sniper looks like it’s using my old goatee skin, which makes me feel like I did an alright job :love:


And I love the engy’s face, he seems so happy!

Lol you made the sniper skin? that’s cool.

And the medals are part of the new hat for the soldier.

That would explain it.
If you want a better version of that skin I could upload it, made it more angular and tf2-styled.

That would be great!

It’s good to know someone likes it.

Great beard editing. The rain looks a little like semen but it works as a cartoony style. Nice work!


Oh it’s a skin. Lol nevermind.


No, really.
That’s about it.

Im using the same model for the sniper-rifle too.
Also, good posing.

I like them all. But there seems to be something off with the rain, can’t really put my penis on it, i mean finger:) Good job though, first one is my fav.

That’s A lot of smoke for a cigarette…and the Scout’s headset should be blue,unless the Sniper like, doesn’t belong to Red or Blu.

Every single raindrop and splatter on the first are 100% identical!!

I like it though, it’s very fitting to tf2 :slight_smile:

I like them all.

The rain falling doesn’t look anything like the rain running off his helmet, though the rain on his helmet looks nice.
The sniper looks weird with that goatee, but I wish that machete was an unlock!
I can’t find anything wrong with the engi with a beer hat. :buddy:

Nice. I like the sniper the best.