Some things that alot of players would like to see.

Been playing Rust for about 600 hours or so. And while I like most of what has been released in the updates I think that the devs need to look into a few things that players have been hollering about for a while now.

  1. Cooking. Why are we still forced to use campfires? Why not make a stove out of barrels? We can make fuel motor powered quarries but can’t figure out how to make a bloody stove?
  2. Animal Husbandry. Taming of horses and making carts? Or even riding the horses? Would open up a whole new aspect in the game. Would allow for pig taming to have a small farm.
  3. Speaking of farms, what about a bit more emphasis on farming? Now that we can gather water, seeds, etc why not be able to have a small farm plot?

Thanks for reading. If you agree with some of these feel free to comment. If you have other ideas that I may have forgotten to list feel free to add in the comments.

My dream is to ride a horse in Rust
it is a reality, besides making the game more fun. Like

post your opinion on my topic:

I can’t more but agree on your first point. Doesn’t it feel weird that your “character” can learn how to craft AK’s, build sentries and construct thick stone walls, but figuring out how to build a simple stove is frickin’ impossible…

Anyway, your second point needs to be put on hold. The devs need to work on the animals in-game, so that they can’t climb on vertical surfaces any more, and so that they feel more alive (better animations and behavior).

Your third point is basically work in progress already, check the Planters in Devblog 106.

What I feel that the Devs should work on some more are improving things already in-game (and those things that currently are temporarily removed (radiation for example)) and continue to optimize. It’s great that they improved metabolism, though, but some core-elements are still missing.

i still think the furnace should simply receive a modified cooking plugin rather than implementing some new higher tier campfire. but as said above, animal husbandry and farming are in the works.

Farming, fishing and animal husbandry are all great ideas that just make sense for a “survival” game. But unless they dramatically decrease food as loot, decrease cotton plants in the wild, and institute spoilage for all stored food (a la Ark), I’m skeptical these systems will see much use once the cool factor has worn off. Since it’s unlikely we’ll be breeding, shearing or milking the animals we keep, aside from riding them (horses) or domesticating them for security (wolves), there’s no benefit to keeping them over killing them where you find them… unless meat is only good for 1-2 days after harvesting.

It’d be interesting if Rust maps were large enough that you could have a dramatic separation of biomes… where it’s far enough a run between the metal-rich highlands, the resource-rich grasslands and the oil fields of the drylands to be annoying… enough that you’d want to be self-sufficient, or perhaps rely on traders. But maps can’t be that big for code reasons, and people would bitch about not being forced into a contained PVP playground if they were that far spread out.

I don’t like the idea of animal riding, feel like it defeats the purpose of real gritty survival, like sure if the maps were 100km’s in size i’d say go right ahead, but i’m really into running around.

Most of what you said has already been confirmed as coming…

Horse drawn carriages would be a great idea, but we should have to feed them and maintenance them.