Some things that should be added ASAP.. (imo)

Add Explosives (Dynamite/C4 or whatever, as long as we can blow up walls) there is nothing fun about building yourself in and going afk while mindlessly chopping on a huge wall. I’d rather be out farming shit to craft explosives, make them expensive so resources become somewhat valuable, because right now they aren’t. I guess they made everything cheap to build so the can stress test servers?

Remove the sway on weapons, i can’t be the only one that absolutely hates this annoying feature? Removes so much from the gameplay when you have to stand still to fire accurately, but hey, it’s REALISTIC right? The Gameplay in Old Rust was actually really good with the P250 sniping and later on M4/Kev/Medkit/Blockade fights. That was fun and the skill cap was way higher then now…

These are the two main things that would make this game more competitive, some other small thins:

Make it so that you can’t repair buildings within a certain time frame after them being hit(attacked) this way people can’t just stand there and repair their shit while being raided and actually have to defend themselves with weapons.
Walls should be more expensive to upgrade(I can understand if you wan’t to keep it low for testing purposes) perhaps also reduce the time it takes to upgrade and drastically increase the cost? Less boring more ACTIVE work farming.
In general make the weapons more reliable(accuracy) and if you want a noticeable difference between low tier(Pipe Shotgun, Revolver) and high tier(SMG, Shotgun) rather change the damage, this is a good way to reduce the randomness of the game.

These are just some things of the top of my mind, nice work on the new game so far, wish you all the success.

Sway is because Rust isn’t about killing people from miles away. Guns shouldn’t be too powerful.

Legacy had sway, you just had people creating anti-recoil autohotkey scripts because they’re raging tryhards.

P250 and M4 had no sway, everyone rushed the P250 instead of using the 9MM because of this.

Pretty sure those are also stock Unity store assets and that makes them placeholders. Look to the weapons created by the devs for what to expect.

only parts i agree with are greater accuracy for higher tier firearms to represent the better crafting quality rather than increase the damage, and increased building costs (which presumably will be increased as they move out of balance testing for building).

being unable to repair a wall that is being attacked? definitely disagree with that. so if 5 guys who i have no chance against in combat start smacking down my wall, i either run out and die, or wait til they finish breaking my wall so i can die? one way of defending myself is to repair the wall, and you are suggesting taking that away. i can agree it needs to be balanced though. it should take more materials to repair, and a similar amount of hits to break as to repair so in a 1v1, either the defender runs out of wood, or the attacker runs out of puff.

sway is needed, though it can probably be toned down a bit. this isn’t just a FPS, and we (imo) aren’t soldiers. we have limited skill in firing a weapon.

I find people who talk about “skill” in Rust almost as funny as people that think Pokemon can be competitive… (don’t get me wrong, love the game, just no damn way)

I dont want rust to be competitive.
It’s a survival game, not a competitive game…

So there is no skill in aiming/juking? No skill in building efficient bases and also being able to get into “impenetrable” bases?

Why can’t it be both? All i’m saying is make the game LESS random. It doesn’t take anything away from the surviving aspect, it’s actually harder to survive when you make it more competitive since the players tend to take the game more seriously.

If you want the developers to make it easier to for you to kill people by ajusting the in game content with out actually improving your own gameplay, go play COD or the hundreds of other games that cater to creating a world where the game plays it self. It seems you do not want to do any work yourself and just point and click…as apparent by your suggestions to make it easier for you to point an click to win.

Somehow my whole argument went over your head COMPLETELY. I want them to remove completely random features and if you disagree with me about the sway feel free to strafe sideways and try to control it and hit someone at range. Why don’t we just give our characters severe Parkinson’s that way it would be difficult to hit someone? right?

I wouldn’t mind if they added a recoil, as long as it’s not completely random, that way people can somewhat learn it and practice, that’s not unreasonable. If they kept the Sway on Hunting/Sniper rifles that would be fine too, but on Pistols/SMG/Rifles the game is a lot more balanced without sway.

C4 doesn’t need to be in the game until we can build things that require it in order to be destroyed.

This is what I primarily based my comment on. You do not want to have to deal with a person being defensive so just have the creators make it so…so you can point and click with no effort or thought. The game is predicated on randomness. Its a redeeming quality about the game not a detractor.

Randomness balances the game…you have players who are accurate as all get out with a mouse and your sway suggestion makes this game more about how good you are with a mouse as opposed to anything else. Again, plenty of games for people who are good with a mouse.

No i don’t want ONE person being able to out repair TEN guys attacking the wall that’s ridiculous.

If you have ten guys, thats ten times the damage…the guy cant repair that fast. On another note, attack where he is not repairing…too obvious?

Only thing that is obvious is that you haven’t actually played the game, a person can repair 20-25x faster then a person can destroy a wall.

bloods, let me go into why I say Rust’s skill level isn’t that high (and why it isn’t really much of an issue).

The recoil pattern is random on automatic, as well as semi-automatic weapons. For instance, the M4 can give you a real bitch of a recoil pattern, while the other guy could get a near no-recoil pattern and have an easy time (or vise-versa). That, or you could try to mitigate this luck-factor by instead taking single, accurate shots, but your opponent can randomly spray bullets are you, get a headshot, and they win. You can be a better shot, better a side-stepping, anything, and still lose. The more luck involved in a shooter, the less skill it requires. I’m not a CS player, but just one way it takes more skill (and tactics, and there are a lot more reasons than just this) is that all of the weapons have the same exact recoil pattern every time they fire. You can learn to compensate for it in order to be very accurate under any circumstance with proper skill. Also, bleed is a random, (albeit) high chance from what I’ve seen and it can affect how a fight goes for somebody by making them medkit/bandage at the wrong time or use up their supplies faster.

Rust is more about: Party number, base construction and area-control. It’s a game-based around having fun with friends, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you have more players, you should always win a fight, unless assaulting a base, in which a single defender inside is worth 1-4 people depending on how well the base is made (windows of different elevation, concealment, number of windows, safe areas, respawn locations, loot locations, difficulty of navigating the base, etc.). If you fight in a 2v1 in open terrain, you should always win if you are of equal skill level, or the other player is lucky while spraying bullets and gets a lot of headshots. That, or if you’re stupid enough to lose to a naked with a bow as 2 leathers with P250s (I was the naked with a bow in that personal experience of mine xD I died trying to loot them though). Also, big groups means that you get the airdrops constantly if you send everybody there, which leads me to area control. Whoever has the largest group in an area will have full control over the resources there generally; yes, occasionally a naked will slip by and get a few nodes, but for the most part: anybody who walks through an area you control is dead. Also, even if (when) you do get raided, your group number is a multiplier for how fast you can rebuild/gather resources. It means a lot more when you’re alone and get raided, than when you’re in a group of 10 and get raided (kinda obvious). You won’t all be equipped, but you can quickly rebuild, arm 2-3 people to defend, and focus on gathering everywhere around you. Win a 1v4 while alone and people are attacking your base? Who cares, because you can only put on one armour from them, and hold one weapon, and they’ll probably be back in a few minutes with more people to get it back. This wall of text is getting kind of long but I can’t emphasize how much having numbers means in this game.

I think if you cant find a way to get inside a base with ten people against one, no matter the repair rate, the problem is on your end. The game does not need adjusting becasuse you have a team of ten that appears to be incapable of coming up with the idea to attack a base at its weak point and instead focuses on the one area that is being reinforced. Or again, wait till the person is gone…the solution is really easy already but you want it dumbed down so you dont have to use your brain.

I would love if they made the recoil pattern somewhat random(similar to CS design), and the recoil pattern isn’t the same with every weapon in CS not sure where you read that?

I agree bleed not being applied every time was a bit random, i think it applies all the time now though(and actually stacks up to critical bleeding).

I think your whole post basically proved this game does take skill but there is a luck factor involved, just like in CS.

I think the skill in this game is based on how to problem solve as opposed to how to move a mouse the right way to get a desired result. you seem to like it better when a game is about how you move a mouse. I hope they do not sell out to the massive FPS crowd, although I would understand since that is what the market demands.

I may have mistyped it. Each gun does have a different recoil pattern, but it recoils the same way every time, my bad.

There is some skill, but there is too much luck involved to really take the game seriously is what I’m trying to get at. That, and having a bigger group is far more important than skill in Rust.