Some thoughts, suggestions and explainations... and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Heya, guys!

After completing like 80% of one my guides for Rust (really huge one) and playing for more then 160 hours since it has become open Early Access on Steam, I’ve come to several conculsions. But before those, please, mind that it’s only my opinion, point of view or whatever you call it and plus - English is my second language, so I misspell some words.

Thoughts about game itself

  1. This game is awesome at this moment and rate. I have zero doubts that It will be DayZ’s and many other upcomming survival MMO games killer. Rust has it’s own great atmosphere, idea and background. I have never yet played or thought of anything even close to what I have experienced and still experience every day logging in and playing (no idea how I will pass my University exams now).

  2. Rust even in Alpha stage shows that it is competitive, easy-to-learn and still has some tricks to learn. Though there is not much to craft, build or study yet, - you can play it anyhow you want: you can become a humble survivor, who wills to live in peace and safety; you can be a badass bandit, bringing chaos to everyone and everything who’s ultimate goal is making as many players rage quit as possible; you can be a trader, a hunter, a who-ever-you-want as I stated before. And thinking that all those possibilities are available at alpha stage makes me thrilled and excited even more.

  3. Yet not a single game could have injected me as much adrenalive straight to veins as Rust on every single night raid, every single open-air fight. Big plays in MOBA? FPS? Come on, this game is getting everyday far beyond that.

Some suggestions

There are hundreds of almost equal to each other suggestions on this subforum, but I still hope that developers read those and make their own decisions. Buying the game on Steam as soon as it was available in my region, I came to an acceptance that even client itself at some point could not work. So it’s our community’s job to give those great boys and girls, who work hard making this game, as much feedback as we can.

So here are some suggestions of mine. This - first - part is about some in-game actions, customizations and options:

  1. “CRAFT ALL” button or “NUMBER OF ITEMS TO CRAFT” buttons. That one is obvious and I am well aware, that I’m the detective here. But still, it’s quite a pain to click 500, 750 or 1000 times on that small “plus” button. I know that you can devide those crafts by continiously pressing craft, after one of stacks complete. But there is much to agree with, when it comes to comfort of relaxing, going away from keyboard to get yourself some nice tea or coffee, while waiting all 10+ minutes for stuff to get crafted.

  2. “PICK ALL” possibility is the option I’d really regret seeing. Lots of people on different servers cry for that option: they want the button on their GUI or a hot-key for that, saying “In other MMORPGs you could do that without a problem”. Well, fantasy MMORPGs are… fantasy MMORPS. As far as I see, feel and understand - Rust is the game where realism takes first place in atmosphere and game-experience. All those, who want this option - make yourself a little experiment: get yourselves two backpacks and try taking out immideately all the stuff from one and put in the order you’d like in another. Done? With gum, soda and paper? Now get yourselves some M4, Tuna Cans and pickaxes and do the same. “PICK ALL” is not an option to be.

  3. Paints/Dye or customizable apperiance will do best to cease friendly fire and missunderstanding in-game.
    ---- Paints/Dye could be found in grass, trees, animals, rocks… well in almost any natural object. Use one or two of those to paint your armor sets.
    ---- Customizable apperiance possibility apart of just making-your-character-the-way-you-want, could also be an in-game option like: making your sleeves long or short (or even cutting them off); putting on some masks (found in factories and else); bandages of different colours.

  4. Buildings customization doesn’t mean I want this game to be more Minecraft like. What I mean is being able to put some flags (at least some clothes on walls of one-two colours). Not talking about permissions for several players to open one door either. It’s just almost the same statement as the third - aren’t you getting bored with dark-brown boxes all over the place? :slight_smile:

  5. “Fists or rock as basic tool, instrument and unarmed attack”. If one gathers tons of wood, clothes, meat and so on… but only four stones and throws away his rock - he is doomed. Yeah-yeah, more detectives would say: “Go back and get it”. Imagine that guy was away from keyboard while cooking. Ask someone? That guys is getting shotgunned. So my suggestion is making a basic, default instrument, which you can’t throw away or destroy, which is always available to use by pressing the assigned key.

Developers are more than professionals in making and envolving game’s engine, so there no need to say some random stuff about why one can’t break foundations and why do stashes are flying, after destroying a box, and so on. My next suggestions are not about engine and physics, they are about some cool stuff and more options, when those [physics] are ready and polished.

  1. Everything can be made, everything can be destroyed. There will be never enough C4 in the whole Earth to destroy building from bottom to top, but I’m just asking of making boxes fly the f- away from explosions, making them being able to “move”, while also making C4 damage even more AoE (than it is at this moment) and more deadly. So, everything is even more destructable, except for pillars and foundations.

  2. Cars. Please, don’t. Many people are just talking over and over about cars in Rust game. If all players possibly could have a car - that would be not Rust, but NFS Hot Pursuit or worse. Raiding? Drifting! Farming? Drag-racing! “Hey guys, how about 5 laps from Wastelands to Rad-town! Five M4 rifles bet to proceed!”. I really see cars in Rust in a different way:
    ---- Only from one to three cars available on map for players
    ---- Cars are the hardest objects on map to find and longest to craft or whatever, maintain and use, using only rare %drop items from airdrops to tweak, craft some stuff for engine… while fuel is just nearly impossible to find. In this case I bet players will need to pay more attention… to survival then to a car. Seriously. They will have a car. They will be able to drive a car Battlefield-like - 5 players on all 5 seats available and so on. But crafting it, maintaining it… and defending it from eager Jeep-collectors - is way too hard to do alone or even in team of three.
    ---- Please, don’t make it Toyota :c
    ---- Current map is way too small for a car yet. I understand, that this is alpha and there are tons things to try and test. But honestly - at current state this map is just really too small.

  3. Placing foundations is sometimes a pain because you need to find a perfect spot with a low angle of approx. 15%. What if you could just LIFT your foundations by using SCROLL or alternative hot keys and place your foundation wherever you want?

  4. Windows for… windows are really needed to prevent your house and yourself getting sieged with F1 Grenades or jump-in-raids.

I thought I had more to say, but that’s kinda it I guess. Anyway there is just too little time to wrap up all New Year presents, get myself a funny hat and wish everyone some happy holidays! And I’d start with you guys:

To devs: Happy holidays, dear developers! I’d like to thank you all for your hard work, especially these hard days with that kid trying somehow to disrupt game and development processes. I wish you all have a fruitful 2014th year, best gaming community ever and best feedback you ever expect yourselves to have!

To other players: Aaaaand happy holidays and NY to you too, guys! Let’s BECOME and REMAIN BEING the best game community and do whatever it takes to help making this so far the best game ever beeing made!

Steam user: Reyborn_