some tools dont work.

some of my tools on garrysmod don’t work. the most problematic for me is weld. i can get the tool out and load it, and when i click on a prop and then another prop is does the thing like usual, but then when i move one of the props, it’s not welded. this happens with more than half of my tools and i have tried reinstalling gmod. any help please?

also it doesn’t work on any gamemode on any server singleplayer or multiplayer.



When you’re using easy weld, there are three steps:

  1. Click one prop.
  2. Click wherever you want to weld it to.
  3. Move the mouse to rotate the prop then click to finish.

You need to click 3 times or it won’t finish the welding process.

lol? the problem isnt easy weld. easy weld is one of the few tools that work. weld doesnt work and most other tools. sure, i can use easy weld but that only allows me to connect 2 props, if i want 2 props sticked but not touching im screwed

sorry to bump this again but i really need some god damn help

Make sure weld strength is set to 0. If it’s set to 0, it never breaks.

the problem isnt the settings.

weld isnt the only broken tool i just used that as an example. to name a few: weld, ball socket, axis, hydraulics, rope, nail, keep upright.

Verify your game cache.