"Some transit to their new city in bodybags, some in trains. That's how it's always been."


Comment and all that good stuff.

Credits to Fork, for tipping me of that song up there.

I love your Blacklight pictures.

They are based, however, outside of the Blacklight universe (But my guess is you refer towards towards the models, which I understand). Hard to clarify that when the models are just perfect for the Augasts that they represent. Gonna do some changes later on.

apparently there’s only one kind of shirt in the future

Then I change my statement, which was my orginal intent either way: They fit better than the standard City 17 clothing.

Love the posing, love the lighting, nice work!

Very nice, as usual.

The posing looks so natural. I like it.

oh god that song feels so good in my headphones.

This is awesome.