Some trap ideas

Hello everyone!
Today I was playing Minecraft and creating some things with redstone,
but then I was thinking: how would Rust be with more traps.
So I created some ideas that are maybe already posted(idk) :/.

  1. Tripwire that can active sertain things
  2. Levers that open windows
  3. Maybe an generator to make power to have a lamp on your ceiling so you don’t have to use a campfire or flare…
  4. Re-Tractable spikes that you can place in front of your door(if someone tries to destroy your door, but it doesn’t instantly kill the player)
  5. Balista

This are my ideas
Please feel free to comment and share you opinion,
my ideas are just OPINIONS just OPINIONS nothing more than OPINIONS.

SuperMonkey aka. TheminecraftDK

Tripwire is a must.
The window levers aren’t really needed ( window = Window Wall + Door)
I’d like electricity, that’d be a bit nice for flood lights outside your base, incase of an attack.
Re-tractable spikes? like something that would fall down and slam into someone if the door is broken?
Ballista. lol siege weapons are a go.

Interesting ideas, although Ballista isn’t much of a trap.

Did you forget to take some common sense when it was being dealt out? If so, it’s an ALPHA, they aren’t concentrated on adding items. They are concentrated on fixing the games bugs and game mechanics.

Because that’s why they added a pick axe. It wasn’t needed, but they did.

Game mechanics.

Actually, let me re-write my pervious statement.

A Trap is considered a game mechanic because a definition of a game mechanic is: a construct of rules intended to produce a game or gameplay.
Therefore, a trap is a whole new way to booby trap your loot filled home, or leave a surprise for an unsuspecting resident.

It isn’t necessary to have in the game, as it’s not used for collecting items.

It technically does collect items, the bodies of your fallen foes will have plenty of loot.
That’s like saying guns aren’t necessary because they don’t collect items.

  1. THIS ARE IDEAS, I know it is in ALPHA, but if they don’t have any ideas it wont even get to BETA, i’m just trying to help!
  2. You want to collect some items? Where do you want to spend it on?
  3. Don’t let me lock this thread now >.>

SuperMonkey Aka. TheMinecraftDK