Some turret I made..

Well, I made this turret in about 30-45 mins, based on the CROWS and WAVE weapon systems.
It’s not functional yet, but it’s yet to come.
I might add a rocket pod or something, armed with a M197 for the minigun.

fix the pix

Trying to fix it.

its alright not the best… is the minigun one prop or did you actually make it…

Looks nice. At least it’s better that the other crap I’ve been seeing in these forums lately.

looks pretty decent actually.

HOLY SHIT THAT’S EPIC NICE JOB DUDE (<this post counts ONLY if that minigun is handcrafted otherwise tits or gtfo)

All handcrafted, still a bit edgy cause it’s still not finished. I’ll finish it today, maybe adding a grenade launcher if it looks good.

niece stuf

For those too lazy to click.

“for those too lazy to click user death imminent”

anyway that is really some cool shit amazing job dude