Some Ugly Nazi Zombies

One day I was bored and I thought, “What if I pose something?” So I did.

Plus, a German shooting up some rebels!

Uhh, those were good, just minor posing issues.

The Map Choice is atrocious

Wait, are the Nazis ugly or are the pictures ugly? What do you mean?

Use maps that suit the pose.

I took your advice, and this is what I got!
btw, sorry for the huge pictures.

anyone else noticed how people justify bad pictures by starting with “i was bored”?

Well they’re not awfull, but they could definately be better.
Yet again everything can be better. So good job i guess.

Time travelling CTs?

Maybe :dance:

if you wanna show several angles, you should atleast do something else for every pic, if not its boring and unnecessary. People will go maverick!

Feels empty, need some posing work, and need a better atmosphere. Try a different map. Those look like build maps, and you know how bad build maps are for posing.