Some Ukrainian spetsnaz on a manhunt

well I just wanted to edit one of my friends old pics

and some story to go along with it.
That night… just didn’t feel right. I know we were just chasing down some op-for retards,but something in the back of my head was telling me to run as fast as I could in the other direction. I pressed on I it was starting to get misty. I talked to my captain about this. he said “don’t worry we’ve got these helicopters what ever out there that’s ‘big and bad’ will eat some dirt before they can touch us.” Those words echoing in my head but still… something wrong, can’t think straight…

Ukrainian spetsnaz… Ukrainian… spetsBAHAHAhahahaha… Awesome joke!

Sorry… the picture is nice.

didn’t you know that these models are spetsnaz from cod4 and they are from Ukraine

Yeah but they look nothing like sperntaz or wahtever soldiers

I guess the edit is nice

First off, every statment about “Ukrainian spetsnaz” is a joke by default. Second is that these models aren’t the “spetsnaz” in COD4. They are terrorists, separatists, ultranationalists, take what you want, but not “spetsnaz”.

ever play multiplayer they seem like spetsnaz then :stuck_out_tongue:
and the Ukrainians Spetsnaz have a tradition of wearing light blue checkered head wraps.
and yes Ukraine has spetsnaz although not as good as the russians

I’m not really care about multiplayer, the singleplayer’s plot says they are terrorists.

Maybe. But there isn’t headwrap, it’s… ehh… No idea how it’s called in English, “Islamic head scarf”?

Yes. Utrainian military is still a joke… Just like our military now.

Shemaghs. I own one.

Edit: Hey look! I have it in my avatar!

Ahh, yes, shemaghs. Thanks.

sorry about the argument guys.

He’s laughing because the Spetsnaz are a RUSSIAN special purpose regiment and the Ukraine isn’t part of Russia.

you couldn’t be more wrong just because Ukraine stopped being apart of Russia in 1991 doesn’t mean they can’t have spetsnaz,Which they do. And he was laughing because the Ukrainian spetsnaz are a joke. As in they suck,badly

The spot lights are far too solid.

I tried to make them look less solid so I just pulled a fast one to make it look foggy.

Yeah, what he said.

oh yeah guys forgot original :slight_smile:

Like Chesty said, spot lights are too solid. Why do the dead soldiers on the floor have no guns? And the graphics are kinda low, turn them up. There’s some purple thing right behind the last dude, too. But still, pretty nice.

missing texture. D:
plus this is as high as they go.
on a radeon 9250

Well spetsnaz/specsnaz means special forces…like sp terrorist/rebels/insurgents…but wouldn’t say spetsnaz on this pic cause there is the actual spets and the chechen/muslim extreamis/blah/etc

also about cod4 wtf the russians are with you in single player but it didnt say joint operations! even they are in the black hawk choppa (BUG THEY SHOULDN’T IN THE CHOPPA AT SOAP’S 2nD MISSION)… :confused:

English, please?